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What are your hours?

Our hours are listed below. Please note that we are open late on Thursday evenings, and take Saturday appointments when possible.

  • Monday: 8am-5pm
  • Tuesday: 8am-5pm
  • Wednesday: 8am-5pm
  • Thursday: 8am-8pm
  • Friday: 8am-5pm
  • Saturday: 9am-2pm
  • Sunday: Closed
Do you accept emergency appointments?

During business hours, we do our best to fit emergency appointments in. For emergencies outside of office hours, we provide referrals to reliable emergency practitioners.

What are your payment policies?

Payment is due at time of service. We’re always willing to work within your budget to meet your pet’s healthcare needs to the best of our ability. If you have concerns about payment, please discuss with our staff prior to your visit.

Can I call for medical advice?

If your pet is an existing patient, we will do our best to answer questions about their care over the phone. For case-specific advice, we will most likely recommend scheduling an appointment. By law, we only provide medical advice when there is an existing client/patient relationship.

General Health
How often should I have my pet evaluated by a veterinarian?

When animals are young, yearly visits will most likely suffice. However, as your animal approaches mid-life, bi-annual physical exams are recommended by the AHAA and the AVMA to help prevent disease and detect health issues early.

How can I prevent fleas?

We carry a variety of flea prevention products. Talk to your doctor about the best option for your pet’s lifestyle.

Pet Dental Care
Does my pet need regular dental cleanings?

Yes. Dental disease is the most common disease of small animals and a significant cause of other health issues. Regular cleanings can prevent gingivitis, tooth sensitivity, and tooth loss. If you have concerns, please ask your veterinarian specific questions about dental cleaning and care.

Brushing my pet’s teeth is difficult. What are other options to keep their teeth healthy?

Brushing your pet’s teeth daily is a great method for keeping your pet’s oral health optimal. Though this is your best strategy, there are other oral home care options, such as dental formulated foods, chews, and dental treats.

Is anesthesia safe for my pet?

We screen every surgical candidate and make sure your animal is healthy enough for the stresses of the procedure. We will only administer anesthesia if the doctor does not foresee complications.

My pet won’t eat after surgery. What do I do?

It is normal for pets to experience lack of appetite after surgery. You can help by offering them their favorite food or heating up food to increase the odor and taste. If lack of appetite continues for more than a day, please contact us.

My pet is acting strange after surgery. Is this normal?

Anesthesia affects each pet differently. Vomiting, diarrhea, signs of discomfort, and panting are often seen after surgery. If any of these seem severe (vomit or diarrhea containing blood) or last over 12 hours, please contact our office for instructions.

Dr. Conard and staff saved my cat Buddy! They are THE BEST!
-Sylvia H.
Dr. Conard has proven to be a compassionate, skilled and knowledgeable practitioner. I completely trust all my beloved companion animals to his and his staff's care
-Connie K.
Mojo is a different dog now, since he has a clean mouth without rotten teeth & bad gums. His breath is good, he feels great, is playful and lovable. No more grouch. Thank you!
-Teri P.
Mission Animal Hospital has done a fantastic job taking care of our French Bulldog. Not only did Dr. Conard diagnose Kermit's illness, he has been vigilant in keeping him up to date on medication and regular blood screening to maintain his health
-Michael R.
My kitty and dog love coming to see Dr. Conard! He's so cheerful and professional at the same time. He gets on the floor to greet and examine my dog and always explains things in terms I can understand. I'm so glad we found Mission Vet!
-Kris D.
Dr. Conard is so thorough and carefully explains what he is doing (and finding) as he works over our animals - 3 cats and a dog. We appreciate his time and patience. Our kitties even purr during his exam! Animals have a sense about kindness and caring. Thank you to his attentive and knowledgeable staff!
-Carol C.
On a Saturday afternoon Dr Greg Conard saw both of my boys 12 and 10 for ear infections and bladder problems. He is compassionate and kind to my boys. Fixed them up and home we went with meds for the week. They feel and smell better and I feel a lot better. Thank you Dr Greg
My cat, Jaz, is a wonderful cat and extremely friendly in every way, so what do you do with a friendly cat that has separation anxiety, you take it to a vet who knows how to treat an animal right! Dr. Conard is amazing and insightful, and on top of that answered all questions with down to earth answers and helped me to understand what was going on with my little fur ball! The office was extremely clean and everyone that worked there was amazingly pleasant!!! Am glad to have my animals being seen by a down to Earth Veterinarian who knows what he is doing!!!
-David C.
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